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Due to its elastic, waterproof and fire resistant properties, cork stands as a material with immense potential of multipurpose use in various types of productsBesides this huge range of features, cork has the advantage of being a material which creates a very wild and natural exuberance, capable of attributing unique aesthetic and elegant qualities to the products where it will be applied. 


Our company Lusa USA - Fashion & Home, has been created to bring these unique, aesthetic, elegant and high quality products to our market.


We are dedicated to bringing people from all cultures together through the integration of a variety of countries native materials and their artisan’s skills, working with people from different cultures in our products and designs, help us to better understand each other, to celebrate our cultural differences, and create unique fashion products with long lasting style.



Manufacturing Process

An incredibly versatile natural material, cork is harvested from living cork oak trees somewhat like wool is gathered from sheep. The trees are unharmed by the process, and they continue producing cork for an average of 150 years.

The cork planks are stacked outdoors and left to cure for a time ranging from a few weeks to six months. The fresh air, sun, and rain encourage chemical changes that improve the quality of the cork. By the end of the curing process, the planks have flattened out and lost about 20% of their original moisture content.

The planks are then treated with heat and water to remove dirt and water-soluble components like tannin, and to make the cork softer and more flexible. This process typically involves lowering stacks of cork planks into large copper vats filled with boiling water containing a fungicide. Heavy weights are placed on top of the cork to keep it submerged for 30-75 minutes.

The cork planks are trimmed to a uniform, rectangular shape and are sorted by quality. The finest quality material will be used to make natural cork products.

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